Nacht Hexe
Cavan McLaughlin
Multimedia Design
Web, video, GFX
Cavan McLaughlin
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Nachte Hexe commissioned us to produce a full online identity and immersive experience for their virtual presence. This has culminated in the website Nacht-Hexe.com. “The void from which howls its agonised wounds”.

We first designed a custom sigil/logo to specific esoteric specifications and then incorporated this into an animated audiovisual and fluidly designed website and online store. This web presence functions as a repository for all Nacht Hexe’s magical, artistic and scholarly pursuits. In the words of Nacht Hexe:

Nacht Hexe is the crucible inside the abyss, the guardian at the gates, the void from which howls its agonised wounds, melding them into a Gesamtkuntswerk, a Total Artwork. A blackened legion of cacophonous lives are born by and through Nacht Hexe, a ‘perichoresis’ (Hunt-Hendrix, 2015, 279) of music, poetry, art, photography, literature, performance, and philosophy. The creative urge is a responsibility; if you feel it, you must bow down and let it flow through you. Get on your knees.



Background Audio – Introduction from Denigrata’s Missa Defunctorum: Requiem Mass in A Minor (2015); Intro track by Tasimengiyi

Denigrata: Denigrata Herself – Vox/Guitar; Manea – Vox/Keys; Cændél – Guitar; Legivn – Vox/Bass/timbral alchemist; Altus Dominus – Drums

Photography by Ester Segarra – www.estersegarra.com

Photography by Khandie – www.khandiephotography.com

Mycelium (generative artwork) by https://www.instagram.com/palmdrop/

Film production, direction and editing of “Kyrie Eleison” – Occultural Production by Cavan McLaughlin.

Website video production, graphic design & web design – additional Occultural Production by Cavan McLaughlin (Creative Director).